About Us

Crude Oil academy is an Online Trading company we make a living from trading the Crude Oil ( Energy) , Currency, Gold (metals) and Nasdaq.(Indices), those are the four major Asset we trade on the Foreign Exchange market and is 100% Online Transaction. Everybody wants Forex – big mistake!

Indices like the (Nasdaq,Dow,S&P500)  and Energy are traded by the professionals and are easier to make money from  than currencies. we don’t expect to make a noticeable amount of money from selling our software  system but that doesn’t matter at all – most of our income is from actually live  trading from the MT4 platform and not from trying to sell the software to others. However, if you’re ready to make real money, this is the way to do it.

WE KNOW THAT 95% of traders lose all their money. we can now boast that not only we are in the top 5% of traders worldwide but that we have helped over 1,000 other people become profitable traders too. That is quite satisfying. Of course, it’s also frustrating when we get dummies asking for refunds when it’s quite clear they haven’t even read the guide!


Board of Directors

  • Professor Emmanuel Adebayor (chairman)
  • Dr. Mrs. Olakunmi Faleye (vice chairman)
  • Mr. Ajayi Cooker (secretary)
  • Mr. Idris Abdullah (member)
  • Mr. Emmanuel Uche (member )
  • Mr. Adewunmi Johnson (member)